Home Collection Program

This new service provides qualifying seniors and/or disabled City residents with a safe option for the removal, recycling and disposal of household hazardous wastes (HHW) collected from your home by Hazardous Products Center (HPC) staff. HHW is used or leftover consumer products that contain toxic, reactive, ignitable or corrosive ingredients. These products are typically labeled: Caution, Warning, Danger and Poison. Examples of HHW include paints, solvents, gardening products, electronics, batteries, aerosols, and cleaners.

These products can harm people, pets and the environment and should never be thrown in the trash, burned, dumped on the ground or poured down the drain. Medications are NOT accepted. HPC staff can provide you with options for the proper disposal of medical wastes.

To be eligible for the new HPC Home Collection Program, you must:
1. Reside within Flagstaff City limits
2. Have current City of Flagstaff utility service
3. Be over the age of 65 or have a disability

For the Home Collection Program, we do help out county residents but it is a case by case basis. We ask that you call us first explaining your situation. 

The number of monthly pick-ups is limited. Call (928) 213-2159 for more information and find out if you qualify.