Energy Rebates

City of Flagstaff Energy Rebate Program

Program Update:
Energy rebates are no longer available for energy upgrade work completed during this fiscal year (2016-07-01 - 2017-06-30). The Energy Rebate Program has limited annual funding, and rebates are available to City of Flagstaff residents on a first-come, first-served basis. Due to high program participation, funding for energy rebates have been exhausted.

Energy rebates will be available again beginning 2017-07-01:
  • Energy upgrades completed between 04-2017 and 2017-06-30 will be eligible for energy rebates in the next fiscal year (beginning 2017-07-01). Energy rebate applications submitted before 07-01 will be held for processing until after 07-01.
  • Energy upgrade work completed after 07-01 will be eligible for energy rebates in the July 2017 to 06-2018 fiscal year, as usual, until rebate funds are depleted.
Questions or concerns? Please call 928-213-2150 or email
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Here's how you can receive an energy

rebate through the City of Flagstaff:

Step 1:

A $99 APS energy audit must be completed by a regional
BPI certified contractor in order to receive rebates.

  • Click here to view the quick guide to regional contractors.
  • More contractors can be found on the APS and UniSource websites.

Step 2:

Follow up with a contractor on possible repairs and
complete the energy upgrade work.
  • Click here to view requirements for each type of energy upgrade
    (qualifying water heaters, furnaces, etc).

Step 3:

Fill out the rebate application and bring the application, audit and completed work invoices to the Sustainability Program office (101 W Cherry Avenue), mail it to: City of Flagstaff Energy Rebate Program, 211 W Aspen Avenue, Flagstaff AZ 86001, or email to

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Energy audit required. Must complete work within 2 years from audit
  • Home must be in Flagstaff city limits
  • Click here to view the Energy Rebate Program FAQ
For a list of other rebates and incentives available in our region, click here.

[The Utilities Division also offers rebates on low flow toilets, turf reduction, and rain water harvesting. Click here to learn more.]