Champions of Team Flagstaff


The Champions of Team Flagstaff was formed in 2015 when the Customer Service Team and Core Team merged. The team developed recommendations for and are working to improve internal customer service in the following focus areas:
  • Culture and Communication
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Training
  • Measurements of Success


In July 2015, the Champions of Team Flagstaff conducted a survey to measure employees’ opinions on various competencies of the organization. The survey was open to all City employees and included fifteen questions that were also asked of employees in 2013. A total of 245 employees responded to the 2015 survey, compared to 294 in 2013. The following is an executive summary of the survey results. The complete results can be found here:

A letter from City Manager regarding the results of the employee survey

Executive Summary - 2015 Employee Survey

Full Report - 2015 Employee Survey