Posted on: September 1, 2017

ParkFlag Launch Scheduled

Parking Logo Large

Once ParkFlag begins, customers will be able to purchase parking at any one of the 106 kiosks located in the pay-to-park area or by using the Whoosh! mobile app (parking app use will incur a surcharge of 35 cents per transaction). Parking fees will be $1 per hour, with no time limit. Once a customer has paid the parking fee, they are able to move their car anywhere within the pay-to-park area without paying an additional fee during their purchased time period. Customers also have the option of paying for parking at the Customer Service Counter at City Hall.The kiosk on the steps of City Hall and the Customer Service Counter will accept cash.  

The ParkFlag Team will announce the start date through the ParkFlag website, City of Flagstaff website, social media accounts and signage throughout the pay-to-park area.  
Contact:  ParkFlag@flagstaffaz.gov or (928) 213-2960, 120 N. Beaver Street, Flagstaff, AZ, 86001 www.ParkFlag.org or www.Facebook.com/ParkFlag

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