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Alternative Fueled Vehicles
Biodiesel Tank
Did you know that soybeans fuel the City of Flagstaff’s diesel engine fleet? Biodiesel, a domestic, renewable fuel for diesel engines, comes from soybean oil and other natural oils.

The City of Flagstaff uses B-20, a blend of 80% diesel and 20% biodiesel. B-20 is a cost-effective alternative fuel that can be used by diesel engines without any engine modifications. The benefits offered by using alternative fuel are environmental, financial and health-related:
  • Lower contribution to global climate change
  • Provides better lubricity to diesel engines
  • Harmful pollutants are not released into the atmosphere

Flagstaff became the first city in the southwestern United States to commit an entire fleet to biodiesel.
  • Biodiesel usage since October 2003 has totaled approximately 1, 201,507 million gallons

Other Alternative Fuels
Hybrid electric vehicles also provide an alternative fuel. City employees are driving:
  • 3 electric vehicles
  • 6 Toyota Prius hybrids
  • 14 Ford Escape hybrids

Fleet Services is conducting a feasibility study to purchase other alternative fueled vehicles for the gas engine fleet. E-85 fuel, a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% petroleum, is for use in flexible fuel vehicles. Currently, the City fleet has many vehicles capable of using E-85.