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Street Sweeping
Street Sweeping  

Ph: (928) 213-2175
Varies by season
The Streets Section operates two sweepers on a routine schedule, dividing the City into four quadrants. Sweepers run on a summer and a winter sweep schedule.

Operation for the spring include a Spring one time cleaning event to coincide with Community Code Compliance Spring clean up.

Operations are regulated to cleaning main arteries on a weekly basis and residential streets on a bi-monthly basis. 

  • The immediate downtown is swept daily Monday-Friday
  • Sweeping is a target projection - every effort will be made to keep on the summer schedule
  • Unpredictable weather occurrences, like major rain events, could alter the schedule temporarily

Operations are determined by snowstorms
  • After a storm subsides, all arteries/collectors and bike lanes are given first priority
  • Once these areas are passable, we begin sweeping residential streets
  • City Facebook and Twitter posts will provide the latest information about when crews will be working in the community.

What You Can Do To Help 
  • Limit street parking as much as possible between the hours of 6:00 am and 12:00 noon in residential areas
  • Please keep garbage receptacles out of the streets on scheduled sweep days
  • Please place garbage receptacles at the curb line off of the pavement
  • Please trim your trees so they don't overhang the roadway. These are to be cut so there is 14 feet of clearance.