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Sustainability at Work
What is a sustainable business?Be Resourceful
A sustainable business is one that supports the well-being of current and future citizens by maintaining a strong economic profile and a healthy, self-renewing environment. Many businesses are using the “triple bottom line” as a measure of success.

The triple bottom line is an equal measure of social well-being, economic prosperity, and environmental quality. A business operating in this fashion is “sustainable” or maintained indefinitely.

The Flagstaff Sustainability Program has developed a Sustainable Business Guide to assist businesses. The Guide identifies sustainable business practices that make good business sense and benefit the community, the environment and the business itself.

Business Tools for Sustainability
APS has tools to help you manage your APS account at the touch of a button. Visit APS to learn ways to lower your electric bill, utilize cash management tools, and learn more about your rate plan.
UniSource Energy Services offers tools to help your business be as practical, convenient, energy efficient and safe as possible. Find products and services to help you manage energy wisely.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides an interative tool that allows you to track and assess energy and water consumption and compare statistics to national trends. To learn more about this tool, Portfolio Manager, visit the EPA's website.