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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
City of Flagstaff GIS Section
COF Map6.jpg
Welcome to the City of Flagstaff GIS Section home page. On this page you will find information about the GIS maps, data and services offered by the City of Flagstaff GIS Section. The GIS Section maintains a large spatial database of most of the city's assets, infrastructure, land-base information, and aerial photos.

Interactive maps can be found in the Interactive Map Gallery.

Maps available for download as PDFs can be found in the PDF Map Gallery.

Contact Information
To contact the core GIS Team, see our contact info

Purchase Data or Maps
If you would like to order maps or data from the GIS Section, use one of the following order forms, most appropriate for your organization's licensing needs (most users will need the "Single User License").

The following options are available (for pricing, refer to the appropriate form, above): 
  • Previously prepared / Canned Digital data, called "City on DVD"
    • All layers for the entire City
    • Specific layers for the entire City
  • Custom digital data extractions (hourly rate)
  • Custom maps (hourly rate)
  • Printed copies of any of our previously prepared PDF maps (see Map Gallery)
    • Print cost depends on size of map: 8.5x11 = $3, 11x17 = $6, 24x36 = $28, 34x44 = $50.

The City on DVD standard data release contains the following types of data: 
      2013 Aerial
Fire Districts
Parks etc.
City & FMPO Boundaries
Streets City Utilities  
  Bus Routes  Contours/Topography  Parcels  Trails  Zoning/Land Use   

For information on how to order any of these products, see Order and Payment Options.http://www.flagstaff.az.gov/index.aspx?NID=1729