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Country Club Trail
FUTS logoAbout the Trail
Adjacent to the east side of Country Club Drive. A new section of trail near Country Club’s intersection with Highway 89 connects to the Route 66 and Winifred Ranch Trails, and provides access to the Flagstaff Mall area to the east and central Flagstaff to the west. Through the Interstate 40 interchange and overpass, trail users can make the connection via an existing sidewalk.

Highway 89/Winifred Ranch FUTS Trail to end of trail

0.9 mi | 1.5 km

Concrete: 100 percent of the trail (0.9 mi | 1.5 km)

Easy grades: 89 percent of the trail has grades of less than 5 percent
Moderate grades: 11 percent of the trail has grades between 5 and 10 percent (550 ft | 168 m)
Steep grades: None of the trail has grades between 10 and 15 percent
Very steep grades: None of the trail has grades of more than 15 percent
Maximum grade: 10 percent

Low point: 6758 ft | 2060 m
High point: 6853 ft | 2089 m
Elevation range: 95 ft | 29 m
Cumulative elevation gain/loss: 000 ft | 000 m

Intersecting Trails

Future Plans

The missing segment of trail on the I-40 overpass is planned for completion in the next few years. In the meantime, there is an existing sidewalk that makes the connection.