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City Parks

Neighborhood Parks:
Arroyo Park
850 E. Ridgecrest Dr.
Playground; youth baseball field; picnic ramada; seasonal portable restroom 8
Bow and Arrow Park
3701 N. Cochise Dr.
Playground; half basketball court; picnic tables; seasonal portable restroom 3
Cheshire Park
3000 N. Fremont Blvd.
Playground; tennis court; two basketball courts; seasonal portable restroom 13.79
Coconino Park  2196 N. Latern Ln. Playground .25
Colton Park  250 W. Route 66 Sitting bench; mature trees  
Guadalupe Park 805 W. Clay Ave. Playground; youth softball field; seasonal portable restroom .75
Jim Cullen Memorial Park  519 W. Piute Rd.  Mature trees   1.3
Joel Montalvo Park  2211 E. First Ave. Lighted youth baseball field; seasonal portable restroom 2.1
McMillan Mesa Park 1140 Ponderosa Parkway Playground; basketball court 2.5
Mobile Haven Park  4280 N. Hamblin St. Playground; sand volleyball court; half basketball court; picnic ramada; seasonal portable restroom  1.8
Old Town Springs Park  913 W. Lower Coconino Playground; half basketball court; picnic ramada; sesonal portable restroom  .3
Ponderosa Park
2512 N. First St.
Playground; tennis court; sand volleyball court; two basketball courts; horseshoe court; picnic ramada; portable restroom 2.5
Ponderosa Trails Park 3875 S. Wild West Tr. Playground; picnic ramada; portable restroom 8
Plaza Vieja Park  526 W. Clay Ave. Sitting bench .25
Smokerise Park  6065 Native Way Playground; half basketball court;  .75
University Highlands Park  3888 S. Jewell Playground; picnic tables  .9
The Basin / BMX Track 1700 E. Sixth St. BMX track; picnic ramada; sitting benches; portable restroom 2.2
Wheeler Park
212 W. Aspen Ave.
Mature trees; picnic tables; sitting benches

Community Parks:
Bushmaster Park
3150 N. Alta Vista
Playground; two lighted tennis courts; sand volleyball court; two lighted basketball courts; six picnic ramadas; permanent restrooms; skate park; roller skating arena; four horseshoe courts; dog park 20
Foxglenn Park
4200 E. Butler Ave.
Playground; one and a half basketball courts; two soccer fields; one youth softball field; three picnic ramadas; permanent restrooms; one skate track 28.3
McPherson Park
1650 N. Turquoise Dr.
Playground; three tennis courts; basketball court; two horseshoe courts; disc golf course; portable restrooms 40.3

Regional Parks:
Buffalo Park 2400 N. Gemini Rd. Picnic ramada; portable restroom 215
Continental Park
5650 E. Old Walnut Cyn.
Playground; three lighted youth baseball fields; one lighted youth softball field; portable restroom 105.9
Thorpe Park
191 N. Thorpe Rd.
Two playgrounds; four lighted tennis courts plus two additional tennis courts; sand volleyball court; one basketball court, two soccer fields; three youth baseball fields; four lighted adult softball fields; one picnic ramada; two racquetball courts; disc golf course; dog park; portable and permanent restrooms 219