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Utility Billing Cycle Restructuring Project
Utility Billing Cycle Restructuring
In order to better serve our customers, the City of Flagstaff will be restructuring its utility billing cycles.  The restructuring will occur over the next 18 months.

The City is restructuring its utility billing cycles to provide a quicker billing process for customers.  Currently, depending on an account's location in the City, a utility bill may not be sent until 21 days after the water meter was read.  After the billing cycles are restructured, a customer will receive a utility bill within approximately 10 days after the water meter was read.

The major benefit to a quicker billing process is that it will help the City notify customers of high water consumption faster, allowing a customer to quickly identify and fix any problems on private property.  This, in turn, will save customers and the City from the loss of a precious water resource.

The noticeable effect to customers will be the change in bill dates.  Some customers will notice a gradual change in the date that a utility bill is received each month.  After all cycles are restructured, the billing date will stabilize within a range of a few days every month.  Some customers may also experience a month where two bills are received.  Although two bills may be mailed in once month, the actual consumption on each bill will be for one month only.  For those customers that receive two bills in one month, the City will work to extend due dates on those bills in order to minimize the impact on customers.

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