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The Plan
Vision Statement

The greater Flagstaff community embraces the region's extraordinary cultural and ecological setting on the Colorado Plateau through active stewardship of the natural and built environments. Residents and visitors encourage and advance intellectual, environmental, social, and economic vitality for today's citizens and future generations.

Looking for the Cliff’s Notes?  If you have limited time, we recommend looking at Chapter III, Appendix B, and the following maps: Significant Natural Resources, Concentration of Natural Resources, Future Growth Illustration (FMPO scale), Future Growth Illustration (city scale), and the Road Network.

See links below for individual chapters and maps. These are large PDFs and may take a while to download. The entire Plan is available for download here.

I This is Our Plan
II This is Flagstaff
III How this Plan Works

IV Environmental Planning & Conservation
V Open Space
VI Water Resources
VII Energy

VIII Community Character
IX Growth Areas & Land Use
X Transportation
XI Cost of Development
XII Public Buildings, Services, Facilities, & Safety

XIII Neighborhoods, Housing, & Urban Conservation
XIV Economic Development
XV Recreation

XVI Plan Amendments


A - References Cited/Related Plan Documents
B - Comprehensive List of Goals & Policies
C - Metadata for Natural Environment Maps
D - Annual Report Template

Existing Land Management Areas and Boundaries
Significant Natural Resources: Wildlife, Vegetation, Hydrology, and Geology
Concentration of Natural Resources
Drainage Basins
Location of Red Gap Ranch
Stormwater Facilities
Great Streets and Gateways
Cultural Sensitivity
Heritage Resources
Growth from 2000-2012
Existing Land Ownership
Development Potential of Vacant Parcels
Public Utilities Over 50 Years Old
Future Growth Illustration - FMPO scale
Future Growth Illustration - City scale
Activity Centers
Road Network
Flagstaff Urban Trails System
Planned Transit Service Levels: Markets and Key Corridors
Public Facilities: Buildings, Parks and Recreation Facilities, and Schools
Public Facilities: Utilities Infrastructure
Public Facilities: Fire, Safety, and Emergency Evacuation

STRATEGIES (The strategies were developed by the CAC as suggestions for policy implementation, and are a separate document not included in the ratified plan.)
2014 Orginal Proposed Strategies

When there are frequently asked questions about the Regional Plan that are not clearly stated in the document, the Comprehensicve Planning Manager will issue an interpretation.  Over time, interpretations are incorporated into the plan through relevant amendments. the current list of plan interpretations is available here.

Many pages of the Regional Plan changed as a result of multiple amendments. Packets of Replacement Pages are published online annually. The online copy of the Regional Plan is always up to date. Please insert the 2014-2016 replacement packet into your Plan first, if you have a printed copy from 2014. Then, download the 2016-2017 Regional Plan replacement page packet.