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Special Events License
Licensing Requirements for Event Organizers
When a local agency decides to hold a special event, it must be licensed with the City as the organizer for said special event. The organizer will submit a completed license application form to the Tax & Licensing Division along with the processing fee of $46 in order to be licensed in the City of Flagstaff.
City of Flagstaff
Tax & Licensing Division
211 W. Aspen Ave.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Adding Vendors
When a vendor applies with the organizer to be a part of a local special event but does not have a current license, the following needs to be submitted by the event organizer:
  • The organizer will submit a completed license application along with the processing fee of $46. If the organizer already has a license, then a new one is not required, unless for updating purposes.
  • The organizer will submit a list of all the participating vendors. This list must consist of the vendor’s business name(s), owner name(s), physical location of their business and telephone number, along with a fee of $15 per vendor per day to be collected in lieu of the city Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax.
  • This fee is for only those vendors not currently licensed with the city. If the vendors can provide proof that they have a current City Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax license, they will not be required to pay the $15 per day fee. Instead they will account for their collected taxes in the normal manner on their City tax returns.
  • The organizer needs to be sure to list the vendors’ current City license number on the list of vendors submitted to the City.

Adobe Acrobat may be required to access these forms.
If you have any questions, please call our offices at (928) 213-2250.