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Flagstaff Water News

April is Water Awareness Month in Arizona

To honor Arizona’s Water Awareness Month, we are organizing free events to engage, educate, and inspire community members to be more water conscious. One of these initiatives is the Mayor's challenge to conserve, which is part of a nationwide effort.

Water Awareness Month 2017 Mayor's Challenge

What's Up with Your Water, Flagstaff?

4FlagTV recently took to the streets and asked people, "Do you know where your water comes from?" This 2-minute video gives an interesting overview of our water sources. Learn how we are planning for the future.

What's Up with Your Water Flagstaff

Statistics as of 04/20/17

Consumption: 6.99 Million Gallons per Day
Average Gallons / Capita / Day: 99
Upper Lake Mary Water Level: 38.1 Feet
97.74% Water in Storage

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Important Contacts

For questions call Water Billing Services at (928) 213-2231 or visit us online at www.flagstaff.az.gov/eservices

Utilities Administration
Brad Hill, Utilities Director
211 West Aspen Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Ph: (928) 213-2400 | Fax: (928) 213-2409

Get in touch with the right staff / program using the Utilities directoryTo report a water line break, call (928) 774-0262.

Flagstaff Utilities Team

The team of professionals in the Utilities Division works hard every day to keep the water flowing to your taps and water flushing from your home! We recycle high-quality reclaimed water to the community for irrigation and other state-approved uses. Nine sections in the Utilities Division ensure great customer service for decades to come: Regulatory Compliance, Engineering, Water Production, Water Distribution, Wastewater Treatment, Wastewater Collections, Stormwater, Water Resources & Conservation, and Administrative.

Pictured: Brad Hill, Utilities Director; Thomas Bolyen, Water Production Manager; Chris Kirkendall, Stormwater Manager; Erin Young, Water Resources Manager; Mark Richardson, Operations Manager over Water Distribution and Wastewater Collections; Steve Camp, Regulatory Compliance Manager; Ryan Roberts, Engineering Manager. Not Present: Jim Huchel, Reclamation (Wastewater) Manager.

Utilities Division Launches Public Outreach and Rebranding Campaign

In an effort to establish a more transparent and communicative relationship with the citizens of Flagstaff, the Utilities Division is going through a rebranding effort. We and launching a handful of new outreach campaigns to keep residents more informed on key issues and projects in the City of Flagstaff.

One of the rebranding efforts will include updating our name to one that better aligns with all of the water related services we provide the community. The next effort will focus on engaging the public through various mediums including social media, educational videos, and print publications such as Cityscape.