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City Manager

            Photo of Jeff MeilbeckJeff Meilbeck, Flagstaff Interim City Manager

Jeff Meilbeck
Interim, City Manager

The Flagstaff City Council selected Jeff Meilbeck as the Interim City Manager while a search is underway for the permanent manager. Prior to taking the leadership role with the City in early January 2015, Meilbeck was the Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of the Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority and has worked in that position for seventeen years. Meilbeck also worked as the Southwest Utah Field Director for the Grand Canyon Trust and as a Budget and Management Analyst for Coconino County. Meilbeck has a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation Management and also earned a Master in Public Administration. 

Stephanie Smith, Assistant to City Manager
Ph: (928) 213-2078 

About Our City Government Structure

In the council-manager form of government, the council is the governing body of the city, elected by the public, and the manager is hired by the council to carry out the policies it establishes. The council usually consists of five to nine members including a mayor (or council president) who is either selected by the council or elected by the people as defined in the city charter. The size of the council is generally smaller than that of a mayor-council municipality and council elections are usually nonpartisan.

The council provides legislative direction while the manager is responsible for day-to-day administrative operations of the city based on the council’s recommendations. The mayor and council, as a collegial body, are responsible for setting policy, approving the budget, and determining the tax rate. The manager serves as the council’s chief advisor. Managers also serve at the pleasure of the council and are responsible for preparing the budget, directing day-to-day operations, and hiring and firing personnel.

Typically, the mayor is recognized as the political head of the municipality but is a member of the legislative body and does not have the power to veto legislative actions.

For more information on the Council - Manager form of government, please visit LifeWellRun.org