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Drop & Swap Reuse Program
Drop & Swap at the HPCHPC
The Drop & Swap reuse area of the HPC contains free reusable products. You do not need to drop something off an item to pick up swap an item. Stock varies daily. Although Drop & Swap has no set limitations, for HPC mixed paint in 5 gallon buckets there is a 2 bucket limit on white HPC mixed paint as well as a 4 bucket total for HPC mixed paint (for example: 1 white, 3 grey; 4 greys; 2 white, 2 brown, etc). This program is to encourage reuse, reduction and recycling of household products which would otherwise be processed as household hazardous waste.

Currently, the Drop & Swap has free:
Drop and Swap Items at the HPC 
  • Automotive products
  • Cleaning products
  • Gardening products
  • Painting products 
  • Usable latex paint brought to the HPC is re-blended for free exterior reuse by residents and is in 5 gallon containers. The re-blended latex paint can only be used for exterior painting. Incoming paint is screened, filtered twice, mixed and pumped into earth toned exterior use paint. The paint is great for fences, barns, sheds, tree houses and much more. Stop by during open hours to see what is available or call (928) 213-2159 for inquiries.   

     View the slide show of the many uses Drop & Swap items and of HPC re-blended paint.Graffiti Abatement Project-Before