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Residential Glass Collection
Residential Glass Collection
In addition to City-provided Glass Recycling Drop-Off Location sites, the City of Flagstaff Solid Waste Section offers glass recycling to residential customers on a subscription basis. 
Subscribe today for as little as $3.55/ month. For more information, contact the Solid Waste Program Assistant at (928) 213-2110 or by email.

Glass Collection Guidelines 
  • Glass Collection occurs on the Wednesday of your section's Bulk Pickup Week.
  • All colors of glass are accepted.
  • Don’t place the bag or container used to transport the glass into the glass recycling bin. The glass bins are for glass only.
  • Don’t leave other recyclable materials or household trash next to the glass bins. Items on the ground next to the bins are in violation of the City Litter Code.
  • Glass should not be placed in the 90 gallon curb-side recycle container. Not only is it a safety hazard but it also contaminates other recycle items.

Is my glass actually being recycled?
Did you know that Flagstaff is now collecting glass for recycling? Prior to December 2012, glass collected by Norton Environmental Material Recovery Facility (MRF) was ground into sand and repurposed as alternative daily cover (ADC) at the Cinder Lake Landfill in combination with wood waste and paper waste from SCA Tissue. This repurposed glass was also made available to the public, free of charge, for a wide range of uses including landscaping, drive-way cover, and cement filler. This repurposing was necessary due to the lack of glass recycling facilities in close enough proximity to Flagstaff to make transporting glass cost effective.

However, with the recent opening of the Strategic Materials glass recycling plant in Phoenix, transporting glass has finally become logistically possible. Now, glass collected by Norton Environmental is transported to the Strategic Materials plant where it is cleaned and sorted, shipped to Fevisa in Mexicali, Mexico, and then recycled into new Corona, Coca-Cola, and Budweiser bottles.

This change will not affect City glass collection services or standards. Glass may still be disposed of at Norton Environmental, any of the in-town drop-off locations, or in a separate official City of Flagstaff glass recycling curbside bin.