Sidewalk Replacement

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The City of Flagstaff offers citizens a 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program to assist with the expense of replacing deteriorating sidewalks in front of an owner-occupied residential property, which is the homeowner's responsibility per City Ordinance No. 2020-02. The City only offers this program to owner occupied residential properties. For more information, please call the Streets Section at 928-213-2175 or email us.

How to Request Sidewalk Replacement

Please direct all Email and Mail-in requests to:
Public Works
Attn: Administration
211 W Aspen Avenue
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Phone: 928-213-2175

Richard Hearne- Streets Section Manager 

Email Richard Hearne

Lynette Cooper- Streets Administrative Specialist 

Email Lynette Cooper

Replacement Request Steps

  1. Use the quick and simple Electronic / Online Sidewalk Replacement Form, or send the Streets Section a request in writing or use the Mail-in Sidewalk Replacement Form (PDF).
  2. After we receive the request, staff from the Streets Section will come to your residence and estimate the cost of repair for all damages to the sidewalk.
  3. You will be notified of your portion of the expense by letter. Please remit your check payment to: City of Flagstaff.
  4. After we receive your payment, we will schedule the work to be completed.

Concrete & Sidewalk Personnel

The Concrete and Sidewalk Crew are also responsible for ADA ramp installation, damaged curb replacement, valley gutters and installation of catch basins for drainage control.