Flagstaff Police Department Reports & Statistics

The mission of the Police Division is to protect and preserve life, property, the rights of the individual and public order.   This is accomplished through a process of collaboration and teamwork with individuals and organizations in our community.  We believe protecting life and property, preserving the peace, and upholding the rights of individuals are among our highest priorities.  We accomplish our mission using community policing programs, data-driven decision making, intelligence-led policing and other proactive tactics to suppress crime, apprehend criminal offenders and help hold them accountable.

CompStat Program

CompStat calls for a multifaceted, dynamic approach to crime reduction and resource allocation.  Data is collected, disseminated and analyzed on a regular basis so effective strategies and tactics can be developed to prevent or solve crimes.  Using these strategies, the Flagstaff Police Department and its resources are rapidly deployed to most effectively reduce crime and protect property.  The final principle of CompStat is relentless follow-up and assessment to ensure results are achieved.  One of the many benefits to CompStat is through constant assessment, follow-up and intelligence gathering we can define specific crime trends and deploy resources to prevent crime before it occurs.

Police Sergeants are responsible for analyzing data, developing and implementing crime reduction strategies for specific geographic areas or specific times of the day based on the CompStat report.  Weekly crime bulletins provided by the Crime Analyst and monthly CompStat meetings allow the Chief of Police and his Command Staff to collaborate with the Sergeants and other supervisors to review and refine these strategies and hold each member of the Police Department team accountable for effective results. We have also instituted leadership training once every quarter to include training on police professionalism, liability issues, current events, new policies and to increase employee engagement with the leaders of our department.

Flagstaff Police Department Patch