Safe Sidewalks

Keeping Sidewalks Safe

Please help maintain a safe environment for Flagstaff pedestrians by cleaning the public sidewalks that border your property. Clean sidewalks are a health and safety benefit and positively impact the appearance of our community.

Snow from the sidewalks cannot be thrown into the street. Help your neighbors and assist those who are unable to clear their sidewalks.


Snowy Sidewalk
Safe Sidewalk - Scooped Snow
Bad Cinder
Safe Sidewalk with Snow Scooped Properly

Safe Sidewalk Code

The City of Flagstaff would like to remind you that there are municipal codes that prohibit dirt, cinders, snow, ice, vegetation or any other obstruction from remaining on public sidewalks.

  • Any owner, occupant, tenant or person caring for any building, lot or parcel of land that borders a public sidewalk is responsible for clearing those sidewalks.
  • All accumulated snow, ice and debris must be removed within 24 hours after accumulation ends.
  • Noncompliance: If sidewalks are not maintained, the City of Flagstaff may perform the required cleaning.

To read the complete code please view the Safe Sidewalk Code.


  • To report a sidewalk complaint please call 928-213-2104
  • To report a snowplow problem please call 928-213-2175
  • To report a Seasonal Parking Ordinance violation please call the Flagstaff Police Department 928-774-1414