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This program involves the selection and installation of public art and funding for cultural arts within the community. Program staff works with the Beautification & Public Art Commission for public art and with Flagstaff Arts Council for cultural arts. The Arts & Science fund utilizes dedicated Bed, Board, & Beverage (BBB) Tax Revenues to support the operations of local arts, science, and cultural organizations, and their projects.

Arts & Science Grants

Through this grant program, local nonprofit organizations are supported by the City in their efforts to enrich the lives of our community and our visitors, through quality arts, cultural and science programs. Grant funding is provided via contractor, Flagstaff Cultural Partners, and overseen by program staff. Information on Arts & Science grants can be obtained at the Flagstaff Arts Council website.

Arts & Science Projects

Information on recent and current art and science programs in the City of Flagstaff

Kings House Inn Mural
As the first submitted idea on Vision Flagstaff to achieve over 50 ‘likes’ the King’s Inn Mural became official when the City of Flagstaff and the Kings’ Inn property owner, through a public-private partnership, made possible another opportunity for the community’s long term enjoyment of public art. The mural is planned for the ell-shaped wall located on the southeast corner of the property, just a few feet outside of Route 66’s right-of-way. Look for this project to be completed in 2015. Airport Public Art
The Airport Photo project will feature artistically displayed black and white photographic images that show the myriad of tourism opportunities available in the region. The images will be installed in the airport terminal’s concourse on an interior wall approximately 260’ long x 7’ high, located just below the terminal’s clerestory windows. The project will showcase Flagstaff area scenic wonders, cultural sites, and outdoor recreation opportunities to visitors using the airport. The individual images will be selected by a jury consisting of the members of the Beautification and Public Art Commission. A call to artists will be issued soon.

Projects Under Consideration

Do you have a great idea for a public art piece? Please go to and submit your idea. Once a project receives 50 likes there will be a feasibility study done and possible implementation.
Utility Box Art Up
The city of Flagstaff is currently exploring this form of street art for utility boxes on city streets. The idea is that the utility cabinets will be covered in artwork to continue the on-going effort of beautifying our mountain city.

Art in the Alley
This project is an ongoing effort to expand the number of public art displays into our historic alley ways. To date, we have many murals that have been paid for by beautification dollars. We look forward to making Flagstaff a more colorful town while maintaining the quaint, historical beauty that already exists.
Link to Public Art - 5 year plan

Public Art Program

The City periodically purchases and installs permanent outdoor art pieces at various locations throughout the City. Typically, the pieces are solicited through a call-to-artists process and juried by the Beautification & Public Art Commission. You can view the locations of the outdoor art pieces on the City of Flagstaff Public Art Map, copies of which are available at City Hall, Flagstaff Visitors Center, Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce, and Flagstaff Cutural Partners. You can preview the map by clicking on Flagstaff Public Art Map.

Indoor Art Program

Public art includes an indoor art program at City-owned facilities, including City Hall, the Adult Center, the Pulliam Airport Terminal building, and the Aquaplex. Displays for Fiscal Year 2013 are coming soon. A Call-to-Artists for the Program will be issued in August 2012.

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