Flagstaff Urban Trails & Bikeways Map

About the Map

The Flagstaff Urban Trails (FUTS) and Bikeways Map was updated and reprinted in April of 2015 and is available at various City of Flagstaff offices and facilities, as well as select stores and shops around town.

Front Side of Map

The front side (PDF) consists of a map of Flagstaff and shows:

  • Bus stops and transfer centers
  • An enlarged view of downtown and the southside
  • FUTS trails, paved and unpaved
  • Landmarks
  • On-street bikeways, including bike lanes, bike routes, shared lane markings, ride with caution routes, and streets that are not recommended
  • Parks
Flagstaff Urban Trails and Bikeways Map - Cover - 2011

Back Side of Map

The back side (PDF) of the map includes information for trails users and bicyclists, such as:

  • Bikeway definitions
  • Descriptions of the Arizona Trail and Flagstaff Loop Trail
  • FUTS trail courtesy
  • FUTS trail descriptions
  • Graphic instructions for taking a bike on the bus
  • Information on Mountain Line bus service
  • Safe bicycling tips

The map is printed at a scale of 1:22,000, or 1 inch equals 0.35 miles / 0.56 kilometers. The paper is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and includes 30% post-consumer waste recycled content.

BlueCross BlueShield of ArizonaThe map is free of charge. Printing costs have been underwritten since 2006 through generous donations by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

Digital & Interactive Versions

Digital versions of the Urban Trails and Bikeways Map are available in several formats:

PDF Files

A digital version of the map in PDF format is available for download:

Google Maps / Google Earth

Maps of the FUTS trail system are available through two interactive mapping applications from Google:

Avenza PDF Maps

A spatially reference version of the map for use on Apple and Android smartphones is available through Avenza's PDF Maps app.



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