Climate Programs

The Flagstaff community is taking climate action.

Explore our work below and find out how YOU can join us in action!

Check out our climate plan dashboard
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Climate action working groups build Flagstaff's capacity for climate action in the community.
Working groups will focus on one specific climate challenge, and develop creative, local, community-based solutions.

We have an ongoing application for working groups to focus on specific climate issues.

Learn more and apply here.

Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Climate Action and Adaptation Plan
Learn about Flagstaff's first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan and how you can get involved.
Resiliancy Resiliency and Preparedness 
Find out what to expect in Flagstaff with our resiliency and preparedness study.
Emissions Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting
Current work on greenhouse gas emissions reporting.
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Flagstaff Youth Climate Summit

Learn more about our Climate Action Challenge and the Flagstaff Youth Climate Summit.

Flagstaff City Council Climate Action

  1. City Council Climate Goals
  2. Global Covenant of Mayors
  3. Carbon Fee and Dividend
  4. Climate Mayor's Pledge

Flagstaff City Council 2019
The Flagstaff City Council has set a goal to take meaningful climate action in the 2019-2020 Council term.

  • Continue implementation of the Climate Action and Adaptation
    Plan (Climate Plan).
  • Increase sustainability through the Climate Plan lens for all
    city services.
  • Enhance community engagement on the Climate Plan.

The Sustainability Section has begun implementation of the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, adopted in November 2018. The Section is working to build a framework to guide implementation within the municipal organization, and to increase capacity for climate action within the community.

You can learn more about Climate Plan and its implementation on the Climate Plan page, and learn about ways we're engaging the community here.