Climate Programs

The Southwest is one of the most vulnerable regions in the United States to the impacts of climate change. That's why the Flagstaff City Council has set a goal to take meaningful climate change action in the 2017 to 2019 Council term.

Explore our current work:

Climate Action and Adaptation Plan Climate Action and Adaptation Plan
The ongoing development of Flagstaff's first Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, and how you can get involved.
Resiliancy Resiliency and Preparedness 
Find out what to expect in Flagstaff with our resiliency and preparedness study.
Emissions Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting
Current work on greenhouse gas emissions reporting.
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Flagstaff Youth Climate Summit

Learn more about our Climate Action Challenge and the Flagstaff Youth Climate Summit.

Flagstaff City Council Climate Action

  1. City Council Climate Goals
  2. Carbon Fee and Dividend
  3. Climate Pledge

The following objectives will help the City of Flagstaff to accomplish this goal:

  • Develop and implement a climate action plan.
  • Become a 100% renewable energy city as an organization and a community.
  • Divest municipal assets from fossil fuels.
  • Sponsor and support state or federal legislative action that combats climate change.
  • Update energy code.

In response, the Sustainability Section is developing a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, planning for additional renewable energy installations, and continuing our work to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions in the municipal organization and throughout the community.