FUTS Trail Descriptions

FUTS Trail Descriptions

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Trail Length Quick Description
Arizona Trail
4.6 mi  |  7.4 km
Travels through middle of Flagstaff; part of 800-mile trail from Mexico to Utah
Arroyo Trail
0.3 mi  |  0.5 km
Descends steeply into arroyo on north side of I-40
Bow and Arrow Trail
0.8 mi  |  1.3 km
Follows the Bow & Arrow Wash in the bottom of a scenic canyon
Buffalo Park Loop
2.0 mi  |  3.2 km
Flagstaff’s most popular trail has gorgeous 360-degree views from top of mesa
Cedar Trail
0.6 mi  |  1.0 km
Parallels Cedar and Forest Avenues over top of McMillan Mesa
Country Club Trail
0.9 mi  |  1.4 km
Along east side of Country Club Drive
Dry Lake Trail
0.8 mi  |  1.3 km
On south side of Kiltie Lane
El Paso Trail
0.5 mi  |  0.8 km
Follows Marketplace and Mall Drives through mall commercial area
Fisher Point Trail
0.4 mi  |  0.6 km
Connects JWP Trail to USFS Fisher Point Trail through Pine Canyon development
Fort Valley Trail
2.4 mi  |  3.9 km
Adjacent to Fort Valley Road from Navajo Road to Schultz Pass Road
Fourth Street Trail
0.4 mi  |  0.6 km
Along east side of Fourth Street, south of Route 66
Foxglenn Trail
1.9 mi  |  3.1 km
Starts in Foxglenn Park, follows Rio de Flag canyon
High Country Trail
1.3 mi  |  2.1 km
Follows High County Trail (the street) through Ponderosa Trails neighborhood
JWP Trail
2.1 mi  |  3.4 km
Along south side of J.W. Powell Boulevard
Karen Cooper Trail
3.6 mi  |  5.8 km
Parallels Rio de Flag from downtown to Cheshire neighborhood
Lone Tree Tail
1.1 mi  |  1.8 km
Adjacent to Lone Tree Road from Pine Knoll Drive to J.W. Powell Boulevard
Mars Hill Trail
1.9 mi  |  3.1 km
Steep climb through forest on east face of Mars Hill
McMillan Mesa Trail
0.1 mi  |  0.2 km
East-west trail across open grasslands on top of McMillan Mesa
Mesa Ridge Trail
0.3 mi  |  0.4 km
Follows ridge and band of trees on McMillan Mesa
NAU Trail
1.1 mi  |  1.9 km
Main bicycle and pedestrian path through middle of NAU campus
North 89 Trail
1.1 mi  |  1.8 km
Along west side of Highway 89, from mall area to City limits
Pine Knoll Trail
0.6 mi  |  0.9 km
Adjacent to south side of Pine Knoll Drive, east of Lone Tree Road
Ponderosa Trail
2.5 mi  |  4.0 km
Follows greenbelt of open space and parks through Ponderosa Trails neighborhood
Railroad Springs Trail
0.5 mi  |  0.8 km
Along west side of Railroad Springs Boulevard
Route 66 Trail
4.2 mi  |  6.8 km
On south side of Route 66, from downtown to far east side
San Francisco Trail
0.9 mi  |  1.4 km
Along San Francisco Street through NAU campus
Sinclair Wash Trail
5.7 mi  |  9.2 km
Follows Sinclair Wash through varied landscapes and open areas
Southwest Crossing Trail
0.6 mi  |  1.0 km
Connects Boulder Point and University Heights neighborhoods through underpass at I-40
Sunset Trail
0.6 mi  |  1.0 km
Great views from the rocky escarpment along the west edge of McMillan Mesa
Switzer Canyon Trail
1.0 mi  |  1.6 km
Parallels Turquoise Drive; climbs McMillan Mesa to Buffalo Park
Switzer Wash Trail
0.4 mi  |  0.6 km
Follows the Switzer Wash through open space south of Butler Avenue
Tunnel Springs Trail
1.7 mi  |  2.7 km
Steady climb through forest on south face of Mars Hill
Wild West Trail
0.6 mi  |  0.9 km
Meanders through east side of Ponderosa Trails neighborhood
Winifred Lynch Trail
0.6 mi  |  1.0 km
Shortcut through intersection of Highway 89 and Country Club
Woodlands Trail
1.1 mi  |  1.9 km
Along east side of Woodlands Village Boulevard

Other Features

Matt Kelly Urban Trail Bridge
Landmark bicycle and pedestrian bridge over Cedar Ave on the Arizona Trail
Dale Shewalter Tribute
Sign honoring Flagstaff teacher Dale Shewalter, father of the Arizona Trail