Vision & Guiding Principles

Draft Vision Statement

The Greater Flagstaff community embraces the region's extraordinary cultural and ecological setting on the Colorado Plateau through active stewardship of the natural and built environments. Residents and visitors encourage and advance intellectual, environmental, social and economic vitality for today's citizens and future generations.

Read through the Vision and Guiding Principles (PDF) (March 2010).

Guiding Principles

  1. Embrace Sustainability: environmental, economic, cultural and social sustainability is fundamental to ensuring that present actions continue the basis for future health and prosperity.
  2. Nurture healthy ecosystems: natural environmental health is inherent to individual and community health.
  3. Pursue smart growth through quality development: smart land use and design based upon cohesive communities are respectful of our environment and create efficiencies that benefit community health, social interaction, commerce, and infrastructure.
  4. Promote a resilient, year-round economy: capitalization on the innovative spirit that exists in the community supports the human, financial and capital infrastructure needed for a sustainable and diverse economy.
  5. Preserve unique sense of place and community: regional growth occurs in harmony with the community's historical character, unique cultural resources and its natural environment.
  6. Social equity and opportunity: all residents should be assured equal opportunities for a range of choices in housing, employment, education, health, safety and devotion.
  7. Expect an accountable and responsible community: regional community leaders, commerce and residents expect nothing but best efforts by all, transparency and respect of each other in pursuit of our community vision.
  8. Partnerships: regional partnerships are necessary to create a strong community while protecting the environment and achieving our common goals.