Action Plan (How do we achieve the Regional Plan?)

Regional Plan Update Library

Welcome to the Regional Plan 2012 Update library. We have organized relevant information on the Regional Plan process so that citizens can stay informed and get involved with the process. The library has been organized into four different pages for your convenience.

The Presentation Tab Contains:
  • Staff City Council Presentations
  • Open House Presentations
  • CAC Presentations
The Public Comments Tab Contains:
  • Open House Comments
  • Online Comments
  • Other Public Meeting Comments
The Video Tab Contains:
  • Recorded Meetings
  • Recorded Presentations

Strategies Drafted Thus Far

  1. Annual Reports by Department
  2. Masterplanning
  3. Community Partnerships
  4. Community Indicators
  5. City of Flagstaff's Annual Performance Indicators for the Regional Plan 2014,Alex Wright