Mars Hill Trail

Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS)About the Trail

Mars Hill Trail begins in Thorpe Park and makes a steady climb westward through a draw on the east slope of Mars Hill. Portions of this climb are very steep. Once on top the trail continues to climb, but much more gradually, as it winds through the Ponderosa pine forest on Mars Hill. The upper portion of the trail is on land that is part of Lowell Observatory's scientific reserve. 

From the west end of the trail there is access to Observatory Mesa via a network of forest roads. Over its entire length from east to west, the trail gains more than 500 feet in elevation.


  • Karen Cooper FUTS Trail to Tunnel Springs FUTS Trail


  • 1.9 miles | 3.0 kilometers


  • Concrete: 5% of the trail (0.1 mile | 0.2 kilometer)
  • Aggregate: 95% of the trail (1.8 miles | 2.9 kilometers)


  • Easy grades: 61% of the trail has grades of less than 5%
  • Moderate grades: 30% of the trail has grades between 5 and 10% (2,900 feet | 884 meters)
  • Steep grades: 8% of the trail has grades between 10 and 15% (750 feet | 229 meters)
  • Very steep grades: 2% of the trail has grades of more than 15% (200 feet | 61 meters)
  • Maximum grade: 19%


  • Low point: 6,933 feet | 2,113 meters
  • High point: 7,402 feet | 2,256 meters
  • Elevation range: 469 feet | 143 meters

Along the Way

  • Bark Park
  • Frances Short Pond
  • Thorpe Park

Intersecting Trails


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