Route 66 Trail

About the Trail

Follows the south side of historic Route 66 from downtown Flagstaff to the east side of town. In the mid 1990’s the City removed a string of billboards from the strip of land between Route 66 and the BNSF railroad tracks, and replaced it with landscaping and an urban trail. The trail, which was one of Flagstaff’s first urban trails, has also become one of its most heavily used for commuting and recreation.

Near the east end of the trail, just east of Fanning Drive, a short segment of the circa 1939 pavement for Route 66 has been preserved in place and made part of the trail.


San Francisco Street to Country Club Drive


4.2 mi | 6.8 km


Concrete: 100 percent of the trail (4.2 mi | 6.8 km)


Easy grades: 99 percent of the trail has grades of less than 5 percent
Moderate grades: 1 percent of the trail has grades between 5 and 10 percent (200 ft | 61 m)
Steep grades: None of the trail has grades between 10 and 15 percent
Very steep grades: None of the trail has grades of more than 15 percent
Maximum grade: 7 percent


Low point: 6818 ft | 2078 m
High point: 6920 ft | 2109 m
Elevation range: 102 ft | 31 m
Cumulative elevation gain/loss: 000 ft | 000 m

Along the Way

  • Downtown Flagstaff
  • Flagstaff Visitors Center
  • Two Spot
  • Historic Route 66

Intersecting Trails

Future Plans

A short section on the west end of the trail, from San Francisco Street to Beaver Street, is under construction and should be finished by spring of 2010. Click here for more information

The missing half-mile of trail on the north side of Route 66 between the Country Club overpass and Mall Way is in design and scheduled for construction in late 2010. A detailed description of this project is available here. Longer-term plans show the trail extended east beyond the mall.


Route 66 Trail

Route 66 Trail
Route 66 Trail

Route 66 Trail
Route 66 Trail
Route 66 Trail