Dale Shewalter Tribute

Flagstaff Urban Trails System (FUTS)About the Tribute

This tribute was erected by the Arizona Trail Association along the Arizona Trail, just as it enters Buffalo Park.


The tribute reads:

The idea of a non-motorized trail traversing Arizona from Mexico to Utah was conceived by Dale Shewalter, a Flagstaff Public School Teacher, after numerous long distance hikes throughout the state. In 1985 Dale walked from Nogales to Fredonia to begin mapping the initial alignment for the Arizona Trail.

He then worked with land management agencies, hiking and equestrian organizations, and several individuals to finalize the route and gather support for the Arizona Trail. His enthusiasm, tenacity, and love of Arizona's back country sustained the trail through it's early development. A long distance trail that highlights the state's biologic, geologic, and historic diversity is now a reality. All present and future trail users who hike, bike, or use equestrian travel on this incredible trail say... Thank you Dale

Dale Shewalter passed away on January 10, 2010.


Close-Up of Dale Shewalter Tribute
Dale Shewalter Sign on Arizona Trail