Capital Improvements

Logo that says Capital Improvements City of Flagstaff
  1. Mission, Vision, and Values


The Capital Improvements program provides for the delivery of high-quality community projects that improve the quality of life for the citizens of Flagstaff through the efficient management of public resources.


To coordinate the development of the City's Five-Year Capital Plan and delivers City capital improvement projects. The program is responsible for project planning, programming, and administration of design and construction for City facilities and infrastructure while ensuring program accountability through public involvement. 


  • High Performing Governance
  • Safe, Healthy, & Livable Community 
  • Inclusive & Engaged Community
  • Sustainable, Innovative Infrastructure
  • Robust, Resilient Economy
  • Environmental Stewardship
  1. 5-Year Capital Improvements Plan
  1. Capital Improvements Current Projects
  1. Current Projects- Resources and Links
  1. RAISE Grant Document

Construction work on the 4th Street bridge with cars passing over.