Safety Policies & Guidelines

The following policies and guidelines have been created for the safety of our guests.

  • Food and drink are not allowed on the ice rink surface.
  • Offensive language is prohibited.
  • Standing, shaking or pounding on the rink boards is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not hold or carry a child while skating.
  • Do not skate fast or out of control.
  • Loitering in or around the activity center is not allowed.
  • No horseplay in ice arena (playing tag, chasing each other, etc.)
  • All tobacco is strictly prohibited.
  • Alcoholic Beverages are prohibited.
  • Children under age 5 must be accompanied by a guardian / caregiver 18 years or over.
  • It is strongly recommended that all skaters wear a helmet.
  • Use caution when entering and exiting the skating surface.
  • No more than two people can skate together.
  • Cell phone use is not allowed on the ice.
  • Please notify staff if you see an injury or have an injury.
  • Skate at your own risk!
  • Have Fun!

Safety is our priority! The Jay Lively Activity Center Staff may take any action or enforce any rule that provides for the safe play and recreation of all of our guests.