Residential Glass Collection


In addition to City-provided Glass Recycling Drop-Off Locations, we offer glass recycling to residential customers on a subscription basis of $5.09 per month. The following is the schedule of glass pickups by section and date:

SectionDate (Monthly)
 Section 11st Wednesday 
 Section 22nd Wednesday 
 Section 33rd Wednesday 
 Section 4 & 54th Wednesday 

Sign up for curbside glass pick-up service by calling Solid Waste Customer Service at (928) 213 - 2110.

Glass collection guidelines

  • All colors of glass are accepted.
  • Don’t place the bag or container used to transport the glass into the glass recycling bin. The glass bins are for glass only.
  • Don’t leave other recyclable materials or household trash next to the glass bins. Items on the ground next to the bins are in violation of the City Litter Code.
  • Glass should not be placed in the 90 gallon curb-side recycle container. Not only is it a safety hazard but it also contaminates other recycle items.