Off-Track Betting

Filing for a Permit to Establish an Off-Track Wagering Facility

These instructions pertain to applications for a permit for a new facility as well as renewal of an existing permit. Fees differ depending on the type of permit.

Schedule of Fees

  • Nonrefundable Application Fee For Initial Permit: $480
  • Nonrefundable Application Fee For Renewal of Permit: $380

Necessary Documents

  • Application fee 
    • New: $480
    • Renewal: $380
  • Original and one copy of the complete application (PDF)
  • Original and one copy of Certificate of Disclosure for an Initial Permit (PDF) or for a Permit Renewal (PDF)
  • All building plans and specifications available for the proposed location
  • Copy of proposed agreement(s) governing the operation of the off-track facility between the racetrack and the applicant
  • A copy of the current State racing, wagering, or gaming permit required for the racetrack and/or off-track facility
  • Information and/or documentation demonstrating that the proposed off-track facility will be in compliance with all applicable zoning, building, and land use codes and regulations
  • Information and/or documentation that demonstrates that the applicant is not delinquent in payment of any privilege license taxes or use taxes owed to the City of Flagstaff


  1. If additional space is required to adequately respond to the questions on the Permit Application and Certificate of Disclosure, supplemental pages may be attached.
  2. If some or all information requested in the City of Flagstaff's application has been supplied to the Arizona Racing Commission or to the Arizona Department of Racing within twelve months prior to filing this application, a duplicate of the information provided to the State may be submitted in lieu of the City's application provided the information is updated as necessary and additional information is provided where requested in the City's application.
  3. Submit the application fee, the original Permit Application and Certificate of Disclosure (or Arizona Racing Commission/Arizona Department of Racing application), including any attachments to the Flagstaff City Clerk