Water Policy Development

Pie chart of the Water Services Intergrated Master Plan that shows Water Policy as one of five major

Building Resiliency in Our Water Supplies & Infrastructure

The "Water Policy" chapter of the Water Services Integrated Master Plan (WSIMP) outlines the fundamental principles and guidelines for the Water Services Division to follow in developing, recommending, and implementing the programs it administers in accordance with the City's goals. It emphasizes the importance of water conservation, the protection of our natural environment, and the development and maintenance of a redundant water supply to help satisfy demand during a prolonged drought. The policies in this chapter supports and builds on those contained within the "Water Element" section of Flagstaff's Regional Land Use and Transportation Plan and its subsequent updates.

Balancing Expenses

This chapter reflects the Water Services Division's desire to balance expenses (operations and maintenance, capital) with income from rates and capacity fees; it also focuses on building resiliency to minimize the risks associated with climate variability and weather, which can impact the City's water supplies and infrastructure.

Developing these policies was a public process, vetted through numerous meetings with the Water Commission and City Council. It started in 2008 and culminated with the Water Commission approving the policy language on November 15, 2012. The City Council then reviewed each policy and adopted them by Resolution Number 2014-13 on April 1, 2014.

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