Candidate Information

Write-ln Candidate Information

To run as a Write-In Candidate the individual must file a Nomination Paper for Write-In Candidate and the Local Officers Financial Disclosure Statement by the following deadlines:

  • The deadline for the Primary Election is June 23, 2022.
  • The deadline for the General Election is September 29, 2022.

Additional Information and the required forms can be accessed on the Candidate Forms page. 

Candidate Election Guide

The 2022 Candidate Election Guide provides helpful information for candidates regarding election requirements, timelines, and process. 

Candidate Signature Requirements

A minimum of 1,602 and a maximum of 3,203 petition signatures are required to qualify for the ballot.

Online Petition Signatures

The Arizona Secretary of State provides an online candidate petition collection portal (E-Qual) that may be used by all county, city, and town jurisdictions in Arizona for electors to securely sign candidates' nomination petitions. E-Qual verifies voter information against the statewide voter registration database and provides the voter with a list of nomination petitions eligible for them to sign. Refer to the E-QUAL Candidate Guide for more information.

Candidate Qualifications

Article II, Section 5, of the Flagstaff City Charter requires the Mayor and Councilmembers to be qualified electors of the City. A Mayor or Councilmember cannot hold any other public office except that of Notary Public or member of the National Guard or Naval or military reserves. If a Councilmember or Mayor ceases to possess any of these qualifications, or is convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, the office shall immediately become vacant.

Campaign Finance

If you plan to receive or expend, in any combination, more than $500 during the election cycle, you must file a Statement of Organization. The election cycle is 01/01/21 - 12/31/22.

Be sure to maintain all records because if you go over the $500 limit during the election cycle, you must file a Statement of Organization with 10 days.

Campaign Finance

Qualified Elector

A qualified elector must meet the requirements of the Constitution and laws of the State of Arizona for state and county electors including:

  • A qualified elector of the City is defined as a person whose name appears on the Coconino County voter registration rolls in a precinct of the City of Flagstaff for the last preceding general election
  • Or who has subsequently registered in a Flagstaff precinct, and is otherwise qualified
  • Candidates must be residents of the City of Flagstaff for at least one year preceding the election