Candidate Information

Candidate Election Guide

The 2024 Candidate Election Guide provides helpful information for candidates regarding election requirements, timelines, and process. 

Candidate Signature Requirements

A minimum of 1,131 and a maximum of 2,262 petition signatures are required to qualify for the ballot.

Those interested in running for City office in 2024 must file a Candidate Statement of Interest prior to collecting nomination signatures. 

Filing a Statement of Interest indicates that a person is collecting petition signatures for a possible nomination. Filing a Statement of Interest does not mean that a candidate will appear on the ballot for a particular election. To appear on the ballot, a candidate must submit valid nomination documents (including a nomination paper and sufficient petition signatures) by the applicable deadline.

Online Petition Signatures

The Arizona Secretary of State provides an online candidate petition collection portal (E-Qual) that may be used by all county, city, and town jurisdictions in Arizona for electors to securely sign candidates' nomination petitions. E-Qual verifies voter information against the statewide voter registration database and provides the voter with a list of nomination petitions eligible for them to sign. Refer to the E-QUAL Candidate Guide for more information.

Candidate Qualifications

Article II, Section 5, of the Flagstaff City Charter requires the Mayor and Councilmembers to be qualified electors of the City. A Mayor or Councilmember cannot hold any other public office except that of Notary Public or member of the National Guard or Naval or military reserves. If a Councilmember or Mayor ceases to possess any of these qualifications, or is convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, the office shall immediately become vacant.

Campaign Finance

If you plan to receive or expend, in any combination, more than $500 during the election cycle, you must file a Statement of Organization. The election cycle is 11/07/23 - 12/31/24.

Be sure to maintain all records because if you go over the $500 limit during the election cycle, you must file a Statement of Organization with 10 days.

Campaign Finance

Qualified Elector

A qualified elector must meet the requirements of the Constitution and laws of the State of Arizona for state and county electors including:

  • A qualified elector of the City is defined as a person whose name appears on the Coconino County voter registration rolls in a precinct of the City of Flagstaff for the last preceding general election
  • Or who has subsequently registered in a Flagstaff precinct, and is otherwise qualified
  • Candidates must be residents of the City of Flagstaff for at least one year preceding the election