General Residential Trash & Recycle Services

Residential Trash & Recycle Collection Services

The City of Flagstaff automated system makes trash and recycle collection more efficient and safe while also keeping our neighborhoods cleaner.
  • Homes are assigned a brown/Grey (96 gallon) trash container and a green/Blue (96 gallon) recycle container
  • Just roll the container out to the curb on collection days
  • Trucks outfitted with hydraulic arms do the rest of the work

For detailed information:

Collection Schedule 

  • All containers must be curbside by 6:00 am on the scheduled day.


Disability Assistance

Collection Services provides assistance with automated containers for disabled or elderly residents. On your service days the driver will roll out your container, service it, and roll it back in. Here are the steps for obtaining service:

  • Contact Customer Service at (928) 213-2110 to request a form for Roll-Out Service.
  • Get the form completed by your physician.
  • Mail or fax the completed form to our office; fax (928) 556-1236; the form is pre-addressed for mailing.
  • Maintenance will place yellow tape around the containers. Please do not remove the tape as this will help identify your containers as being eligible for the Roll-Out Service.