Section 8 Participants

Reporting Changes

As a Section 8 program participant, you must report all changes to your contact information, household composition, employment and income or benefits that you are receiving within 10 days of the change. The change must be reported in writing, including email. Changes can not be made over the phone. You can fill out a change report form in the office or email your case worker. If you don't know your case worker's email, contact and your change can be routed appropriately. If you wish to fax the change, our fax number is (928) 526-3734. Once the change has been reported, your caseworker will contact you to set up an appointment if necessary.

Payment Standards

Bedroom Size
0 Bedroom
1 Bedroom
2 Bedroom
3 Bedroom
4 Bedroom
5 Bedroom
6 Bedroom
Payment Standard
$1,156 $1,228 $1,519 $1,983 $2,403 $2,533 $2,863
Fair Market Rent
$964 $1,024 $1,266 $1,653 $2,003 $2,303 $2,603


One feature of the Section 8 Housing program is that you are able to port (re-locate) to another location where the Section 8 program is being administered. In order to port to another location with your voucher, you need to discuss your intentions with your caseworker and fill out the necessary portability paperwork. The family wishing to port must be in compliance with all program rules and regulations, and is required to give proper notice to vacate and provide the Housing Authority a copy of this notice. The process of moving with your voucher can take time, so please plan ahead.

Annual Re-certification

Federal HUD Regulations require all Section 8 participants to be re-examined annually, based on your anniversary date. It is your responsibility to take all steps to help us accurately determine and verify your income, assets, household composition and deductible expenses. Remember, you are given adequate time to be available for your re-certification. The Housing Authority notifies the family 2 months in advance. All household members over the age of 18 MUST attend the re-certification appointment.

Commonly Used Forms