Community Relations


Positive community relations and excellent customer service are the responsibilities of every employee of the Flagstaff Police Department. However, certain areas demand more attention than field officers can provide.

Community Relations has one sergeant and two officers who are assigned to specific tasks that promote a positive image of the department. These former senior field officers possess excellent written, people, and public speaking skills.

Flagstaff Police Department Patch

The responsibilities of the officers assigned to Community Relations include:

  • Partnerships with community service organizations and schools to teach positive choices
  • Assistance with the distribution of crime prevention and public safety information through presentations and staffing booths
  • Disseminating timely, accurate and appropriate public information
  • Assistance with press releases and interviews
  • Assistance to field personnel with Partnership Responsible for Improving Daily Environment (PRIDE) program and Block Watches, which provides supplies, informational materials, special speakers or staffing neighborhood events


Citizen's Police & Sheriffs Academy

The Flagstaff Citizen's Police and Sheriff's Academy is a ten-week, 14-class program designed to facilitate communication between law enforcement personnel and interested citizens. Topics of instruction cover narcotics enforcement, investigation of felony crimes, the county and state correctional systems, a field trip to the local crime lab and a brief ride on the Northern Arizona Department of Public Safety Helicopter. Presenters ranged from Chief of Police to street officers. Members of the Coconino County Sheriff's Office taught classes on search and rescue, rappelling, winter weather survival, and DUI detection and prevention.