"Clerk" is one of the longest-standing public service positions in the history of local government. The position of municipal clerk, in one form or another, took form before the advent of writing. Over the course of history, clerks have been known by such titles as scribes, reminders, remembrancers, clerks, "mayors of the palace," and "clarkes."

By nature, members of the Office of the City Clerk love to help and the office operates on that core premise. Clerks' offices are a communication link between our City Councils, City Manager, City departments, and you. The position of municipal clerk is specifically called out by the Arizona Revised Statutes and the Flagstaff City Charter. The statutes and charter entrust municipal clerks with a multitude of activities.

The Office of the City Clerk Offers Information On

  • Boards and commissions
  • Campaign finance forms
  • Citizen petitions
  • City Council agendas
  • City elections
  • City Code and local laws
  • Initiative, referendum or recall
  • Liquor licenses
  • Off-track betting licenses and bingo licenses
  • Ordinances, resolutions, minutes, and meeting audios
  • Public records requests
  • Records management activities
  • Service of notice of claims and lawsuits
  • Video streaming of Council meetings

As Secretary to the City Council, the Office

  • Prepares and posts meeting agendas and notices for the City Council
  • Provides guidance on the conduct of public meetings
  • Attends the meetings of the City Council and prepares minutes
  • Keeps an official record of the proceedings of every meeting and keeps custody of original minutes, ordinances and resolutions
  • Certifies official records of the City
  • Processes, records, files, and, when necessary, advertises ordinances, resolutions, or other documents
  • Maintains conflict of interest files, citizen petitions, legal opinions, and other similar records the City
  • Administers oaths of office
  • Processes Citizen Petitions

As Secretary to the Municipal Corporation, the Clerk is

  • Custodian of the municipal seal
  • Custodian of permanent records

The Clerk as Secretary to the Municipal Corporation also

  • Attests signatures of municipal officers and elected officials
  • Accepts service of legal documents and maintains receipt of same
  • Attests signatures of municipal officers and elected officials
  • Maintains receipts of service of legal documents
  • As the Elections Official for the City, the Clerk
  • Ensures the democratic process is fair and legal and protects the rights of voters
  • Prepares and receives candidate nominating packets
  • Prepares and receives referendum, initiative, and recall petition packets
  • Receives candidate and political committee campaign finance reports
  • Prepares and furnishes election publicity and advertisements
  • Receives pro and con arguments
  • Prepares publicity pamphlet
  • Enforces political committee advertising and campaign sign requirements
  • Certifies election results
  • Obtains Justice Department election preclearance
  • Prepares the ballot
  • Provides assistance to candidates and voters
  • Assures legal compliance with election laws
  • Files necessary notices and reports

As the Records Management Arm of City Government, the Clerk

  • Manages the records center/local archives
  • Oversees retention schedules
  • Trains staff in appropriate records management techniques
  • Preserves and restores old record books
  • Establishes records management policies