Interim Deputy City Manager Kevin Treadway

Email Interim Deputy City Manager Kevin Treadway
Flagstaff Police Chief Kevin Treadway was appointed Interim Deputy City Manager on Feb. 20, 2018. Treadway will fill this position while Barbara Goodrich serves as Interim City Manager. In his new role, Treadway will assume management of Public Works, City Clerk, Fire, Police, Risk Management, and Human Resource operations for the city.

Chief Treadway was hired by the Flagstaff Police Department in February of 1987 and has continuously worked as a sworn Peace Officer for the past 31 years. Chief Treadway has served in nearly every division of the Police Department, including roles as an Officer and Detective before promoting through the ranks to the Chief of Police in 2012.

Chief Treadway graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy in 2004 and possesses both a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University.