Flagstaff Bicycle Parking Inventory

A comprehensive field survey of bicycle parking in Flagstaff was  conducted in the spring of 2012 by a student intern from Northern  Arizona University. So far, 400 locations have been identified around  the city, providing parking for almost 3,000 bicycles.

Click on this link Flagstaff Bicycle Parking Inventory to open a Google map of all the locations. You can also download a KML file that can be opened in Google Earth.

 Information gathered in the survey includes the location of each rack  (address as well as coordinates), style, capacity, condition, and any  functionality issues. Photos of each rack were taken, and the data has  been entered into the City’s GIS system.

Locations surveyed  include shopping centers, retail stores, office buildings, restaurants,  government buildings, institutional uses, schools, and parks. The survey  does not cover the NAU campus, industrial areas, apartments and  residential buildings, hotels, or churches.

At this time we are working with NAU to include all of the bike racks on campus, and with NAIPTA to include bike racks located at bus stops.

Please be aware that most of the bicycle parking in this survey is privately owned and maintained. The public is invited to use these racks when they are patronizing the establishment, but please be courteous and respect private property.

The data collected in this survey is intended be used to establish a municipal program to increase the supply of bicycle parking in Flagstaff. Specifically this information helps us identify high-priority locations that are missing or are under-served by bicycle parking, and allows us to seek sources of funding to purchase additional bike racks.

Secondary uses for the data include providing information to bicyclists about where parking is available, and analysis of the data to identify issues and opportunities.

Please help us!

As a next step, we are seeking assistance from the bicycle community in two ways:

  • First, although we tried to be comprehensive, there are undoubtedly locations that we missed. If you know of a bicycle rack that has not been surveyed, please send us the specific location or address so we can include it. Please verify first that the location has not already been inventoried, and do not include residential buildings or racks on the NAU campus.
  • Second, let us know about places in town where you think bike parking is most needed – where none is provided, where there is not enough bike parking, or where bike racks are poorly located or not functional.

You can send this information to Martin Ince by email. Your assistance is appreciated!