City Manager Excellence Awards

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The mission of the City of Flagstaff is to enhance the quality of life of its citizens while supporting the values of the community.

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City Manager's Excellence Awards

The employees of the City of Flagstaff strive to provide excellent customer service in every program and service we provide to each other and to our community. While customer service is expected of each of us, there are some employees that go beyond our expectations and achieve the extraordinary in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

To recognize those individuals and to hold them up as examples, employees may be presented with one of the City Manager's Excellence Awards.

The Ponderosa Award

The Ponderosa Award is the highest award and will be given to one employee each year that exemplifies all of the values of the City to an extraordinary degree.

The Aspen Award

The Aspen Award will be given to an individual or group that provides an outstanding example of at least one of the values of the City.

The Oak Award

The Oak Award will be given to an individual or group excelling in at least one of the Values of the City.


Nominations for the City Manager's Excellence Awards may be submitted by employees or the public.

  • The City Manager will review the recommendations and make the final selection.
  • The City Manager's Excellence Awards will be presented by the City Manager once a year during a televised City Work Session. Please refer to the City Manager's Employee Excellence Awards Policy.


Nomination forms can be found here or by contacting Chris Rhode at 928-213-2078.