Residential Management

Speeding and cut-through traffic occurs daily in many areas of Flagstaff. It compromises our neighborhood livability; creating noise pollution; causing difficulties for pedestrians and bicyclists; and raising concern for the safety of our children.

Flagstaff residents can take responsibility for quality of life issues in their own neighborhoods. People throughout the City are learning that they can address problems such as speeding on neighborhood streets and cut-through traffic. This program is a citizen-driven approach that requires the neighborhood in question to assume responsibility for stimulating public support and involvement.

Residential Traffic Management Program

This document is intended to provide an overview of the City's Residential Traffic Management Program (RTMP). Once the concerned parties have submitted a Citizen Action Request Form (See Section 4.01) to the City, Phase One can be initiated. A simplified version of this process is identified in Figure 1 (See Section 2.01.): Residential Traffic Management Program Flowchart.


View the rest of the City of Flagstaff's 2012 Guidebook for Residential Management (PDF).