Reduce your Waste

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Making simple changes can help you save money, support your community, conserve natural resources, and enjoy more time with friends and family. Be Resourceful was developed to give Flagstaff residents tools for reducing waste: how to take action and where to find resources.

Bring Your Own

Did you know that many businesses in Flagstaff will allow you to use your own bottle, mugs, jars, and other reusable containers when you're on the go? 

To help inspire you, we've asked everyone from the Sustainability Staff to showcase their favorite reusable items to help reduce waste in the landfill and help meet our Rethink Waste goals. Check out our list here.

Donate, Don't Ditch

Make sure your unwanted items get another life. Donate your items to one of the many businesses and organizations that accept them for reuse.

Buy Smart

With simple planning and creative thinking, there are many ways to buy smart and still get what you need.

  • Planning before you head out to the store - for groceries, clothes or gifts by making a list and sticking to it.
  • Choose quality, durable products rather than disposable items. 
  • Think outside the gift box. Gifts of experiences (rather than stuff) offer loved ones a chance for a memorable outing, and removes the potential for pressure to find room for something they may not need.

Fix & Maintain

Fixing and maintaining items empower and educate people to look more closely at the goods they own or buy. 

  • Choose items for durability and reparability as it extends the life of your stuff, saving you money while reducing waste.
  • Take a how-to class or watch online tutorials to improve your sewing, bike or home repair skills quickly. 
  • Visit a community resource, such as a Fix it Clinic or local repair shop.
  • View community fix and maintain resources.

Borrow & Share

When we share more, we also consume less. And by doing so, we reduce our clutter and free up space. Sharing can be as simple and helps build community by fostering connections with neighbors and friends.


Upcycled or repurposed, second hand, salvage and vintage - all of these words essentially mean reuse, and doing so can save you money and space and avoid waste.

  • Many items can easily be found at second-hand stores. With a little creativity or help from a tailor, cobbler or handyperson, you may be able to turn your give-away pile into usable goods (and then donate what's left).
  • Explore Flagstaff's second-hand stores to find new-to-you clothing, furniture, electronics, household or craft items, salvage building materials and more.
  • View community reuse resources.


Neither the Be Resourceful program nor any of its partners endorse a particular business, company or any organization through the Be Resourceful website. Neither the Be Resourceful program nor any of its partners make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility, for the businesses, organizations, products or processes identified or disclosed in the Be Resourceful website.

The following links are resources to help residents and visitors to Flagstaff become smarter consumers: Better Business Bureau.

Are we missing a resource? Email us to let us know.