Civic & Non-Profit Banner Reservations

On January 18, 2015, new standards were established applicable to banners erected by civic and non-profit organizations. These standards are intended to address concerns of the City Council and Flagstaff residents with the proliferation of temporary banner signs that have cluttered fences and walls along City streets, and which are therefore, a distraction to the traveling public.

The new sign standards are equitable, fair, more logically organized, and user-friendly. They have been balanced and simplified to provide flexibility and to support the advertising needs of civic/non-profit organizations and business owners, while maintaining Flagstaff's unique character and a positive community image. The purpose of the City's temporary banner regulations is to provide an appropriate location for temporary banners while limiting clutter and distractions to the traveling public.

The banner sign support structures were constructed by the City to enable civic or non-profit organizations, or organizers of events for which a Special Event permit has been approved by the City's Recreation Services Section, to appropriately advertise their events. Banners advertising these events may only be placed on these support structures. Any banner placed on fences, walls, or other structures elsewhere in the City will be removed by City Code Compliance staff.

Who can use the City's new banner sign support structures?

Only the following groups or individuals may place a banner on the sign support structures:
  • Organizers of civic or non-profit events
  • An event for which a Special Event Permit has been approved by the City's Recreation Services Section. (These may include for-profit events)

Where are the City's new banner sign support structures located?

Location 1:

Southwest corner of the intersection of Beulah Boulevard and McConnell Drive

Location 2:

Southwest corner of the intersection of Butler Avenue and South Fourth Street

Location 3:

Southwest corner of the intersection of Cedar Avenue and West Street

Location 4:

Northeast corner of the intersection of Country Club Drive and East Nestle Purina Drive

Location 5

: Southwest corner of the intersection of Kendrick Street and North Fort valley Road
View the Banner Calendar 2020 for availability.

How many banners may be placed on the City's sign support structures?

  • The number of banners per organization is limited to three (3) with only one (1) banner sing for each events allowed per support structure.
  • Each organization may only advertise up to three (3) events per year.

How long may the banners be displayed?

  • Sign banners may only be displayed for up to seven (7) days prior to the event.
  • All sign banners must be removed within one day after the event.
  • It is the event organizer's responsibility, after the event has concluded, to remove all banners from the sign structures. Remember, the space your banner occupies may be needed by another event organizer to hang their banner, so the prompt remove of your banner is appreciated.
  • Any banner left on the sign support structures may be removed by City Code Compliance staff or by the next event organizer. The removed banner will be placed in the container attached to the sign structure and will be available for pick-up.

What are the standards for these sign banners?

All sign banners must meet the following standards and conditions:
  • The maximum banner sign size is 3 feet by 8 feet, i.e. 24 square feet in area.
  • Grommets must be placed at each of the corners of the banner for secure attachment to the support structure. Grommets at the mid-point of the longest side will help to secure the banner.
  • Plastic zip ties are recommended for attaching your banner to the support structure.
  • Banners shall not have brand identification, such as "Sponsored by XYZ Corporation" or a product brand across the face of the banner as a background.
  • Logos for sponsors of the event or the banner shall be limited to a maximum of 20% of the area of the banner
  • It is recommended that wind slits be inserted into the banner.

How do I make a reservation?

 Complete the application and email to or submit in person at City Hall, Community Development counter.