Civic & Non-Profit Banner Reservations

Position #1 at Fourth St. and Butler is permanently unavailable due to road work on Fourth Street.

2023 Banner Calendar

2024 Banner Calendar

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Sign Standards

On January 18, 2015, new standards were established applicable to banners erected by civic and non-profit organizations. These standards are intended to address concerns of the City Council and Flagstaff residents with the proliferation of temporary banner signs that have cluttered fences and walls along City streets, and which are therefore, a distraction to the traveling public.

The new sign standards are equitable, fair, more logically organized, and user-friendly. They have been balanced and simplified to provide flexibility and to support the advertising needs of civic/non-profit organizations and business owners, while maintaining Flagstaff's unique character and a positive community image. The purpose of the City's temporary banner regulations is to provide an appropriate location for temporary banners while limiting clutter and distractions to the traveling public.

Banner Sign Support Structures

The banner sign support structures were constructed by the City to enable civic or non-profit organizations or organizers of events for which a Special Event permit has been approved by the City's Recreation Services Section, to appropriately advertise their events. 

Banners advertising these events may only be placed on these support structures. Any banner placed on fences, walls, or other structures elsewhere in the City will be removed by City Code Compliance staff.