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For information on current plan amendments, Contact:

Sara Dechter, AICP
Comprehensive Planning Manager
(928) 213-2631

McMillan Mesa Major Plan Amendment

This proposed McMillan Mesa Major Plan Amendment is to make the Regional Plan’s Future Growth Illustration and related maps consistent with Proposition 413. On November 8, 2016, voters passed Proposition 413 - Initiative for Greater Buffalo Park, which restricted the use of approximately 300 acres of City-owned property on McMillan Mesa to public open space and passive recreation, except for an area reserved for a future veteran’s home. The full details of the amendment can be found in key components of the amendment packet:

Project Narrative
Map of Existing Future Growth Illustration
Map of Proposed Future Growth illustration
Traffic Modeling and Assessment
Circulation Map

60 day Public Review

The draft major plan amendment was made available for a 60-day public review.  The review closed on August 10, 2018. 

Public Participation Plan
PowerPoint for Open Space (6/25) and City Council presentation (7/3)

Neighborhood Meeting

City Staff held an open house with informational posters and open discussions on the proposed Amendment on Monday, June 18, 2018 5pm to 7pm at the NACET Business Accelerator.

Record of Proceedings from June 18th Open House
June 29th City Council Report
Legal Notice

Posters from Open House

Growth and Land Use Poster
Transportation Poster
Parks Open Space Poster
Water Demand, Capacity, and Production
Wastewater and Stormwater

Commission and City Council Meetings

 Date  Commission  Link to Video
 Monday, June 25 at 4pm (City Hall) Open Space Commission Watch video
Tuesday, July 3 at 6pm City Council Update Watch video
Wednesday, August 1  at 4pm (City Hall)
Transportation Commission Watch video
Wednesday, August 22 at 4pm (City Hall)  Planning and Zoning Commission Work Session
Watch video
Wednesday, September 12 at 5pm (Coconino HS)  Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing #1 Watch video
Wednesday, September 26 at 4pm (City Hall)  Planning and Zoning Commission Hearing #2  
Tuesday, October 9 at 6pm (City Hall)  City Council Work Session  
Tuesday, October 16 at 6pm (City Hall)  City Council Hearing  

Future Amendments

For details about future Regional Plan amendments, you can review the Proposed Regional Plan Amendment Tasks, Last Updated January 2018. This document is maintained by the Comprehensive Planning staff to capture known issues needing clarification in the Regional Plan. We make this document public in an effort to ensure the public has adequate opportunity to contribute to the Regional Plan as a living document. The Council has a chance to review and discuss this document annually, when the Comprehensive Planning staff presents the Regional Plan Annual Report, typically in June.

Need a Replacement Page Packet?

Many pages of the Regional Plan changed since it was adopted in 2014 due to plan amendments. Please visit The Plan web page to find replacement packets.