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 Halogen Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know my log in information, where do I find it?
Each employee has been assigned a username and an initial password of “Welcome1”. Passwords are case sensitive. 

Username for new @flagstaffaz.gov employees: firstname.lastname

Username for existing @flagstaffaz.gov employees; @Coconino.az.gov; @courts.az.gov: first name initial then last name

Example John Doe: jdoe

I don’t have a City of Flagstaff e-mail or computer log in, how do I access my profile or know when my evaluation is due?
If you are not given a COF e-mail or computer log in you will still be assigned a Halogen log in that follows the criteria listed above. Supervisors will need to inform employees when the process has opened for the employee to complete pre review input. Employees can use any computer to access their Halogen account.

I have already logged into my account and now Halogen won’t accept my log in credentials. Why won’t Halogen allow me to log in?
If you have clicked the Halogen User Link, provided your username and password, and the screen remains blank or doesn’t load. Troubleshoot: Close your internet browser completely. Make sure that all windows are closed before reopening and attempting to long in again. WARNING: If you are going to create a shortcut on your desktop to the Halogen log in screen, make sure that you create the shortcut to THIS page and use the log in link from here!

What do I do if I forgot my password or username?
On the main log in page of Halogen there is a link to the right of the username and password field. Click on, “Forgot Username” or “Forgot Password” to send the information to you again or to reset your password. Please make sure to just enter your username after clicking "Forgot Password" rather than your e-mail. You will then be prompted to answer one of your security questions and change your password. Please remember your password must contain 8 characters, mixed case, and at least one number.

When will e-mail notifications be turned on?
E-mail notifications have been turned on. You will begin receiving notifications when you have a new task, when a task is approaching the due date, and every two weeks once a task is past due.

What is the difference between “Feedback” and “Documents”?
Feedback can be added to the profile but can also be attached directly into an employee’s evaluation.  Journal Notes are added by an employee to their own profile. Manager Notes are added by a supervisor to an employees profile.

Documents can be attached to the profile of the employee but cannot be attached to an evaluation form. 
Who has access to my evaluations or personnel record (201)?
Please see the Employee Handbook, Policy 1-30-50 Personnel Records for comprehensive information. Section E states, “Access to an employee’s 201 file shall be limited to the following: 1. The employee or an individual who has written authorization from the employee to review the 201 file. 2. City Manager, or designee, Human Resources Director, Human Resources Division employees, as assigned, Management Services Director as required for fiscal control, City Attorney, and the employee’s Department Head, division head, or supervisor. 3. An official acting in response to a court order or subpoena.”

What do I do if an employee’s evaluation is assigned to me but I no longer supervise them?
You can assign an employee’s evaluation to a new manager to complete once the task is open. Click on “My Tasks”, select the box next to the employee. Select the “Assign to Other Manager” button on the right. Select the new supervisor from the list and hit “OK”

What if the supervisor I need to assign the form to isn’t showing up in the directory?
Contact Shauna Fisher in HR and we will make the change.

How will I know when my evaluation is due?
The supervisor and employee will receive an e-mail alerting them that a new task has been assigned. Please log in when you receive the e-mail to check which process has started. We are encouraging employees and supervisors to log in on a regular basis so they do not miss a task that has opened. If you are an employee without a COF email your supervisor will let you know when it is time to log in to Halogen. You can also check your Halogen account regularly throughout the year from any computer.

How will I know when a new task is assigned to me?
You will receive an e-mail notification. If you log in to Halogen regularly you will be able to see when a new task is ready by clicking on the “My Tasks” tab at the top of the page or by seeing the link in the “My Tasks” box of the home screen.