Priority Based Budgeting

The City of Flagstaff uses Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) to guide the creation of its budget each year. PBB allows the City to answer three key questions;

1. What do we do? To answer this, the City creates a list of all of the programs or services that it offers. Examples might include airfield maintenance or wildfire management. 

2. What does it cost? To answer this, the City allocates all of this personnel costs, non personnel costs and revenues collected to each program that it offers.

3. Do the programs offered align with the priorities of the Community? To answer this, the City Council and Flagstaff residents determine the community's Key Community Priorities and Objectives for the coming fiscal year. Programs and services offered by the City that best match those objectives are then prioritized within the City's budget. 

To learn more about PBB, please view the videos below and visit the PBB Present site to view and interact with budget data. If you have any questions, please email

 Priority Based Budgeting Data

To view live and interactive budget data for the City of Flagstaff, please visit the PBB Present site.

2023 PBB Priorities and Objectives Page_1

PBB Video in English

PBB Video in Spanish