Annual Reports

The purpose of an Annual Report is to monitor how the Flagstaff Regional Plan continues to reflect core community values and to evaluate how new developments have been approved in compliance with the plan. It is a "progress report" on the Regional Plan’s implementation that highlights progress made by all City departments and partnering agencies, as well as identifying and addressing barriers. To achieve this, Comprehensive Planning staff will provide the City Manager and City Council with an Annual Report of Regional Plan-related activities each year.

Objectives for an Annual Report

  1. Measure the City and County’s success in achieving plan goals and policies through metrics that indicate progress toward the region’s future vision, such as measuring on an annual basis how indicators have been achieved (see metrics below)
  2. Identify appropriate strategies to achieve priority goal and policies be pursued under the coming year’s budget
  3. Identify unlisted strategies to be pursued under the coming year’s budget
  4. Document growth trends and compare those trends to plan objectives
  5. List development actions that affect the plan’s provisions
  6. Explain difficulties in implementing the plan
  7. Review community indicators (following three pages)
  8. Review any outside agencies’ actions affecting the plan.

Key Insights From 2017 Annual Report

Natural Environment (99,146 Tons of Solid Waste Disposed in Cinder Lake Landfill). 7,996 more tons of solid waste entered the Cinder Lake landfill in 2017 than 2016 (9% increase). 2016 increased by 4,259 tons (5%) and 2015 increased by 1,418 tons (2%) for an average annual growth of over 5%. The estimated closure date of the landfill is still 2054. However, the growth of waste entering the landfill is greater than the City's annual population growth, which has averaged approximately 1.6% over the same time period. A notable percentage of the solid waste growth is due to increased construction activity.

Built Environment (18.3 Reconstructed Lane Miles of CIP Road Improvements). The City reconstructed 15 more lane miles in 2017 than in 2016 through the Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) program. These were funded by a sales tax approved in 2014. This year's amount of construction increased because some of the larger projects that needed up-front design work started. These projects included Zuni Dr, Lockett Rd, Grand Canyon, Beaver St, Dale Ave, E Rt 66, as well as other smaller projects.

Human Environment ($350,000 Median Housing Sale Price). The median home price increased from $298,000 in 2015 to $315,500 in 2016 (6% increase) to $350,000 in 2017 (another 11% increase). These numbers only account for homes sold and are therefore more variable than what the same home is actually worth. For example, a few really expensive or inexpensive homes can skew the overall price of homes sold that year. However, it still demonstrates an increasing trend in real estate value in Flagstaff. 

Regional Plan Annual Reports and Presentations