Plans & Reports

Sustainability Section Strategic Plan

The Sustainability Section 2018 to 2020 Strategic Plan (PDF) details our strategy for accomplishing current City Council goals related to waste, energy, community stewards, climate, open space and food. This document outlines short and long-term plans to enhance relationships with partner organizations, continue to broaden community education and engagement efforts, and strengthen internal efficiencies within the City of Flagstaff. The Strategic Plan is a living document and will be reviewed and updated every two years.

Sustainability Program Year in Review

For a quick snapshot of what the Sustainability Program does, how we're funded, and programmatic accomplishments please view our 2016 Year in Review (PDF). In 2014, our reporting switched from a fiscal year to a calendar year, which resulted in a gap.

Municipal Sustainability Plan

In July, 2011, the City of Flagstaff launched the Municipal Sustainability Plan which identified goals, objectives, and actions to progress the City towards increased efficiency and resiliency. One year later, the City announces the new, revised Municipal Sustainability Plan for 2013-2014. This updated path introduces the theme to "Be Resourceful," which calls for careful assessment, evaluation of resources, and finding creative solutions to achieve a commitment towards efficiency and continuous improvement. The new Plan expands on previous goals in the 2011 Plan to increase effectiveness, reduce consumption, and enhance employee satisfaction in the municipal organization.

The product of cross organizational collaboration, this plan provides the guidance and support for City leadership, managers, and employees to operate more sustainably and to ensure that the City of Flagstaff's best days are ahead of us.

Flagstaff Airport Sustainability Master Plan

The Flagstaff Airport Sustainability Plan is complete! With input from our stakeholders and the Flagstaff community, the airport developed a plan to build upon the City of Flagstaff's commitment to sustainability. The Plan's all-inclusive approach ensures that the airport's economic viability, operational efficiency, conservation of natural resources, and social responsibility are prioritized. The Plan sets ambitious goals for the airport's future, which will encourage more economically, environmentally, and socially responsible operations and planning. A more sustainable and resilient Airport provides lasting benefits to the Flagstaff community and region.

Additional Reports